Deferred login / Simple Portal


We had recently a client request to develop a very small e-commerce application following a quite standard pattern :

  • showcase w/out requiring login
  • build a cart as an anonymous user or a connected user
  • create account / login before checkout if not connected
  • checkout

This requires among other things to be able to :

  • defer login to the last moment
  • create entities while in anonymous

The first, deferring login, is not possible with CUBA web client. You need to build a portal (eventually polymer) for this. Unfortunately you need to change dev tech and have a distinct server.

We thought why not developping a small app with CUBA web client itself ? But we found no way to defer logging with CUBA web client. And you cannot design a portal with Studio designer.

It could be nice to be able to build a portal over Vaadin directly from Studio. On the other hand Studio has a Polymer section but it is not wysiwyg as the rest. I guess the point is that they are already available on the net. But even with those, it’s much more faster for our devs to stick to Vaadin & Studio.


Hi Mike,

You can easily have deferred login and anonymous access in CUBA Generic UI. Just create your own login window using the corresponding template in Studio, and everything you do from this window before login will be on behalf of the built-in “anonymous” user.

See the User Registration sample available in Studio and on GitHub.