Defaulting Using lookupPickupField

As currently searchPickupField is default to the FieldGroup when created automatically. I’m wondering if there is any way to default LookupPickerField instead in the visual design.

Perhaps you want to use LookupPickerField instead of PickerField to be able to select the related entity from the drop-down list.
Please look at the section of the documentation describing the FieldGroup component: There is a table at the end of the section describing components that are automatically used in FieldGroup depending on conditions. So the answer is - define an optionsDatasource for your reference attribute, and FieldGroup will use LookupPickerField with the drop-down.

Besides, the quick start video part 4 shows how to create LookupPickerField in a field group for selecting Products.

Thank you for your reply. I defined he datasource for customer entity in sales order but in the columns options of FieldGroup, I only can select the lines collectionDs. on the other hand I can’t create a collection data source as I am prompted for lines data source only.

Any thoughts?