Default theme for user in 6.10

I really like the new “Hover” theme :slight_smile:

Creating a new app using Studio 6.10.0 uses the “Hover” theme as the applications default theme, but unfortunately it seems that for the admin user and even newly created users, the “Halo” theme is set as the default theme.

The login screen is using the “Hover” theme.

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Hello @torben

Thank you for reporting the problem. There is an issue in CUBA Studio - the hover theme is not the default and should not be chosen on project creation. I’ve created a ticket in our YouTrack: link.

To fix the problem switch project theme to halo and then back to hover. Or just manually add to the file the following config:

cuba.web.theme = hover

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The hover theme is the default theme for projects based on Platform 6.10+ and should be chosen on project creation. See the ticket in our YouTrack: link.