'Default Role' behavior in tenant-specific role

I have an multi tenant application and found an issue:

When I check as ‘Default Role’ a tenant-specific role, it is applied for all new users regardless what is your tenant.

Sample of the wrong behavior:

I have two tenants: TENANT-A and TENANT-B

  • In TENANT-A, I create a tenant-specific role named: ROLE-A and mark as “DEFAULT ROLE”
  • When i create a new user USER-B on TENANT-B, the ROLE-A is applied to the new user USER-B.

I think (and need now) that the correct behavior of the “default role” feature for tenant-specific roles be applied only for users in the same tenant.

Thanks for solving it!

Hello @rrdibernardo

The addon provides the ability to limit the display of entity instances, its functionality does not include role distribution. The default is Tenant Default Role, which is suitable for all entities. Additional roles can be set manually.


Thanks for answering!
So, is it possible to add that functionality for next versions? I think that is reasonable feature, otherwise a tenant-user can never use the “default role” feature. And the tenant isolation is not complete.


Hello @rrdibernardo

I’ve created an issue for the add-on, we’ll consider implementing it as a feature.


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