Default buttons rename

How can I change the default buttons name? For example Search button and Cancel button.

default buttons and subtitles

Hi Szabó,

The default buttons captions are loaded from the cuba-gui file. To change them, override these messages in your project message pack, for example:

filter.addCondition=Add my custom  search condition search
actions.Cancel=Please cancel

Hi Olga,

Unfortunately I do not find that file in my project folder neither in the Cuba Studio and the documentation unclear for me.
What I found is the entities messages file, and the screens messages file, but nothing like your example found in it.

Thank you for the fast answer.

FInd the main message pack ( file) in the web module, by default it is located in com/company/projectname/web/, and add the messages you want to override in it.

Or just use the file search in your IDE (in IntelliF IDEA it’s CTRL+SHIFT+N)


Unfortunately I can’t rename “Show rows” element, and in the Filter window’s buttons, “Add, Add And, And Or, Remove”. What is the problem? How can I rename these elements?

Thank you.



Hi Karolina,

Sure you can. Find these messages in cuba-gui file and override them in your main message pack, for example :

filter.maxResults.label1=Custom value for Show rows
filter.editor.addAndGroup=Add AND
filter.editor.addOrGroup=Add OR

Dear Olga,

Thank you for answer.

Unfortunately I didn’t found file here: com/company/projectname/web/
, so I generated and now I fill up.
This file should included all the words? Maybe can you attach this file?

Thank you so much!

Main message pack is created in the web module by default when you create a new project in CUBA Studio:


The default pack contains the following messages:

application.caption = CUBA Application
application.logoImage = branding/app-icon-menu.png

loginWindow.caption = CUBA Login
loginWindow.welcomeLabel = Welcome to CUBA!
loginWindow.logoImage = branding/app-icon-login.png

menu-config.application = Application

Use your IDE search to find it.

Thank you!

And what about not default pack contains? Where can I found not default pack contains?

The message pack becomes non-default when you modify it, for example, by adding custom messages for the Filter component.
You can find the information on message packs in the documentation.

Hi Olga,

I think I have similar problem like Carolina.
I use the default UI Vadim. Vadim use Angol languages, but I would like to translate my own languages. I do not find all of refences messages in the documentation or in Cuba.
Can you help me Where I found These messages?

Thank you!

Hi Szabó,

What do you mean by UI Vadim?

Please check this repository: GitHub - cuba-platform/translations: Translations for the CUBA Platform screens and UI components

Possibly you’ll find the answer there.


UI= user interface,
Vadin is the theme.


Please take a look at the simplest app attached. There are 2 locales implemented, with some messages localised.

Screenshot_6 (29.2K)

Hi Olga,

Thank you for your answer.
I translated my Application for my language.

Unfortunately I have more problems.
Do you know that, how can I translate login window’s problem message?
I try this: *LoginException.InvalidLoginOrPassword = Unknown login name or bad password: %s *, but it doesn’t work.

Furthermore I try rename Make default button, on the Filter section but is doesen’t work too. I try this: filter.makeDefault= Make default
What can I do, what’s the solution?

What about the default Menus, Administration and Help? Can I translate these element’s contents? For example: Scheduled Tasks site’s table elements.

??? !!!

Hi Szabó,

Before a user has logged in, the locale is selected according to:

  1. the browser’s default locale,

  2. the list of locales in the app.

If the browser’s locale is not found in the app, it will display the locale which defined at the top of the available locales list:

cuba.availableLocales = Dutch|da;English|en

You can put your language at the top (= make it default) in Studio using the arrows button, see the screenshot attached.

Also, as an example, please check the sample of a CUBA project in the attachment. It has the full dutch localisation, including all the messages you asked for in the corresponding message packs.

If you still have any questions, please share your application with your language added.

Screenshot_7 (78.7K)