Decimal precision scale issue

I followed the guidance in the links here and here to create a GeoCoordinateDatatype, however in the SQL Server database the scale/precision is 18,0. I’d like it to be 11,8. My datatypes.xml file includes this reference to my new type:

    <datatype class="com.varasset.datatypes.GeoCoordinateDatatype"
              format="#0.00000000" decimalSeparator="." groupingSeparator=""
              javaType="java.lang.BigDecimal" sqlType="decimal"/>

My longitude property on my class looks like this:

@MetaProperty(datatype = GeoCoordinateDatatype.NAME)
@Column(name = "LONGITUDE", precision = 11, scale = 8)
protected BigDecimal longitude;

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug with the SQL script generation?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the problem. SQL for the database update is generated correctly.

create table FTSEARCH_NEW_ENTITY (
    ID varchar(36),

    TITLE varchar(255),
    ADDITIONAL varchar(255),

    LATITUDE decimal(11, 8),
    primary key (ID)

Which DDL is generated in your project? You can find slq-scripts in the modules/code/db folder