Date parameter to PivotTable not working to refresh

I have a PivotTable, it works fine without a parameter and now I want to let user select date range and refresh the pivot table.

Here is my core in screen for datasource:

select e from erp$ProductionPlanContinuousProdPivot e where (e.prodDate between :custom$datefrom and :custom$dateto) order by e.prodDate asc

in controller
private DateField dateFrom;
private DateField dateTo;

to refresh
productionPlanContinuousProdPivotsDs.refresh(ParamsMap.of("datefrom", dateFrom.getValue(), "dateto", dateFrom.getValue())); pivotTable.repaint();

Thanks for any help!


Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the problem. The refresh method correctly updates a pivot table. Could you please provide a demo project?