Date and DateTime

Maybe is a knows issue.
If I define an entity property as Date, create the database, run the app (and everything is OK),
and after I need to convert the same property to DateTime ('cause I need to set hours and minutes), rebuild the database from scratch, run the app, the behavior remain the one of the Date, hours and minutes are set to 00:00 when commit to database.
To make everything work properly, I need to remove the Date property and add a new one as DateTime

Yes it’s a known issue - Studio does not always recreate a field automatically when a data type is similar to the previous one. We have to handle some kind of “synonim” types in order to support various field types that might be specified by a user manually or used in a legacy database.

What database do you use? We’ll try to reconsider the problem, at least for this particular case with time.

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By now I’m using the standard HSQLDB built with Studio.
Thanks for reply.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: