DataGrid scroll bar has different style to other components

I am using cuba7.

Please see below snapshot of, compares to Table, dataGrid scoll bar styles different. How to make it same to table? I am using chrome 75.0.3770.100:

some others hardly to see the scroll bar:

And below is table style:

Please advise how to make datagrid style same to table in cuba7?

Found that in resolution ratio of 2K, the scroll bar displays as below in Chrome:

In esolution ratio of 1080, it displays as below in Chrome, both different to common table style:


There is no way because Table uses browser i.e. system scrollbars and DataGrid uses the custom programmatic implementation to provide additional functionality.

This is knows Vaadin issue: Vaadin Grid Scrollbar issue in High DPI Screen · Issue #7929 · vaadin/framework · GitHub