DataGrid Save Data on Create and Edit

I need help in saving data in database while creating a new row or editing an existing row in DataGrid. Would be great if you can share a sample code for saving data on Create and Edit actions. Data gets deleted in the dataGrid with Remove action but why it doesn’t work for Create and Edit.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Shahid,

Please explain your problem in more detail. How is it different from the browser/editor screens generated by Studio?

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to create an invoice where data will be going into 2 tables. one invoice master and other invoice details(multiple records).

i want both in the same screen with invoice master data in form fields and invoice details in data grid.

Hope I am clear on my requirements now.


Take a look at this sample project: GitHub - cuba-platform/sample-sales-cuba7: CUBA Platform Sample application
It has a screen that is similar to what you described: