Datagrid.RowStyleProvider do not work

I created a style with “background-color” parameter for DataGrid but there is no effect when add RowStyleProvider despite the requested style is set correctly as I can see in browser elements inspector.
Only CellStyleProvider can do the required.
I think it is not correct.


Could you share either a demo project or style and RowStyleProvider snippets?


That’s simple project with splitted table/datagrid entity browser with style providers.
portaltest.rar (124.3 KB)


Thank you for a demo project, but unfortunatelly I can’t open rar format. Could you please attach a zip archive? In order to do that, run the zipProject gradle task (either through terminal or CUBA Studio search panel).

Thanks. (108.3 KB)

In order to change DataGrid row’s background color you need to use the following style: > td {
  background-color: #CBFECF;

Pay attention that I added > td to your style, and that is the only change I’ve made.


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Thanks, Gleb! It works. It’s impossible to find and/or understand all these styles.