DataGrid row height and value break line

I use the DataGrid, the output of the cell htmlrender, but if you use the break line
, the height of the cell is not changed. Tell me how to make so that the cell displays the full value.

DataGrid.Column controliesCol = scenarioGradeTasksDataGrid.addGeneratedColumn("Controlies", new DataGrid.ColumnGenerator<ScenarioGradeTask, String>() {
            public String getValue(DataGrid.ColumnGeneratorEvent<ScenarioGradeTask> event) {
                String result = "";            
                for (Controly item : event.getItem().getControlies()) {
                    result += "<b>" + item.getName() + "</b> - " + item.getControlyRef().getValue()+"<br>";                 
                return result;


Sorry for a long reply.

DataGrid rows don’t automatically adapt height to cells content. But you can set style name for DataGrid and change height using CSS. For example:

<dataGrid stylename="my-grid"

.my-grid .v-grid-body .v-grid-cell {
  height: 128px;