Datagrid is not allowing to edit the values

Hi @gorelov

I have added editorEnabled=true. Then which is giving me the ok and cancel options.
Please find the below attachment


But it is not allowing me to edit the red marked years values in the table.

Here this entity has one-to-many relationship with the Years entity. So is there any way to edit these Years column values with Datagrid.
All the other PlanUnit, Datameasure and UOM are allowing to edit those values.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Hello Team,

I have gone through the attached link

Is there any way to edit the generated columns in the Datagrid.


You can use the setEditorFieldGenerator method of DataGrid column to define the field that will be used for editing purpose.

Also, you can either add EditorPreCommitListener or EditorPostCommitListener to make changes in an entity after editing.

Take a look at this sample project. Even though it doesn’t do exactly what you want, you can find it very helpful.