DataGrid instantiation is very slow


we just replaced one of our screens using Table with one using DataGrid. Nothing else has changed. The time to display window (after navigating in the menu or using tabs) has grown by ~300%. Looking into Vaadin log produced to console, I can see two metrics has increased:

Original (with Table):

handleUIDLMessage: 279 ms
Processing time was 598ms

New (with DataGrid):

handleUIDLMessage: 1633 ms
Processing time was 1769ms

You can see, that the performance regression is very noticable. We use the latest CUBA - 6.6.3

This all is rather sad, because you advertise DataGrid as being better performing…


Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem. For me, the DataGrid component works twice faster than the Table component.

Could you please, send us a small demo project that demonstrates the issue? Or at least describe in more details particular DataGrid setting, e.g. is generated columns used, amount of columns, amount of items and so on.