DataGrid Filter Select Many Dialog

The filter tool is able to use an ‘in’ statement which is what we need. The issue is the the List Editor doesn’t seem to support handling multiple results back from the lookup screen.


  1. Create search criteria (to a parent object that requires a lookup screen and not a drop-down).
  2. Change the filter type to be an ‘in’ statement.
  3. Click on the ‘…’ button to open up the ‘List Editor’
  4. Click on the ‘…’ button no the ellipse editor to open up the browse screen.
  5. Select multiple items from the popup browse screen.
  6. Only one item is added to the ‘List Editor’

Our users have a need to filter and select multiples from the popup dialog. It is a real pain for them to have to keep opening the same dialog. Is there an easy solution here? Or is there a class that I need to extend?


We’ve created an issue about this:

If you need a quick fix in your application you can try to override the list-editor-popup.xml screen (the controller is The createComponentForEntity() methody. is probably what you need to modify.