Database values are not displaying in table

Dear team,
I am fetching values from data base and trying to display them in cuba. Problem is I have 3 columns in my database everything is proper but in UI data is not displaying.
I am attaching code files please help me team.

@krivopustov Can you help me in this sir.

Do you see any errors in the tomcat log?
Did you use the debug function, and walked through the code execution, and inspected the values of the objects, example can you see the json data fetched?
It would be nice to put a breakpoint in the loadData() and then inspect “system” to see if it is being filled.
Is com.capgemini.cifmain.entity.System a non persistent entity?

It could be that you need to refresh the table.

Also, I have been explained to use LoadDelegate in cases like this, and move the json fetching to a service.
Something like this

@Install(to = “systemsDl”, target = Target.DATA_LOADER)
private List systemsDlLoadDelegate(LoadContext loadContext) {
//call the service here …
return … ;

Yes json data is coming.

Please provide source code of System entity.

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thanks @krivopustov I found the error. Solution is that we have to put same id name which have in database i.e idname=columnname