Database setup wizard on first run


I’d like my cuba web app to have a database properties setup wizard the first time I launch it.
I want to allow the user to enter the database properties in a web browser(database name,url,username,password) then the app generates the database tables on web app first-run.
How could I realize something like that?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lars,

How do you plan to run your application? Will it be within a deployed tomcat, or do you have the possibility control the environment? I had such a solution in place that was basically sitting next to the actual app. The wizard would then asks the user to set initial db connection setting and writes that into a config file for the CUBA app.

Then the wizard app restarted the tomcat.

This approach is similar to what is done by the major php based apps like wordpress (although they can run on the same server process).

If you have some docker container as a wrapper, you can easily put this side server inside the container image.


Hi Mario,

usually our applications run in a deployed tomcat set up.
We’ve also thought about building a second CUBA app based on an integrated HSQLDB that we can use to configure the main application.
But it would be nice to have just one app. Unfortunately, I also have no idea how we could realize this with CUBA.

Thanks and best regards