Database schema changes not being update during deployment to Jelastic cloud

I’m noticing that my changes to the data entities properties which are successfully updated to the database when I run “update database” on my dev machine. However these changes are not being updated to Jelatic Could’s database. I logged in to Jelastic account and I could not see how to access the database so that I manually do the changes to database. On the dev machne I’m using HSQL. Does the deplyment tool use same database on Jelastic?

Studio generates DB-scripts only for the Database type which is currently selected in project properties. The scripts are added to WAR which is uploaded to Jelastic.
It means if you use HSQLDB on the dev machine and PostgreSQL in Cloud, the scripts for Postgres will not be generated and the DB will not correspond to model after the application update.
Use the same DBMS in the development environment and in Cloud. And do not forget to generate and save scripts before deploying the application.