Data in DOC header not populated, field reference and band name is confused by YARG

When executing the report, i get the following error:
ReportFormattingException: No band for alias [deliveryNoteNr] found.

I don’t understand why its looking for that band name, is there an error on my end?
I have a stickerHeader band present in report definition with SQL data source.


Turns out i cannot use the ##band tag in the header for some reason.

Removing the ##band=XXX part, and referencing fields as ${bandName.fieldName} seems to work.
Data with multiple records not allowed?

The error message is somewhat misleading.

Hello @pakogeza,

Specify that result you want to get? If you want to display the table, then the template should be executed as follows:

In this example, Users is the name of the band, and the name and login of the band field. The first cell indicates the name of the band.

Documentation: DOCX and DOC Templates - CUBA Platform. Report Generator