Data Import Many-to-Many

Hello, is there an ability to import not only the business entity records but the links between one and another business entity? I tried to do so but got an error: Error while binding the data: com.quadrium.[systemname].entity.[entityname] cannot be cast to java.util.List.

The declaration of import file was the following:
name description owner status criticalProcess linkFirstEntity_2_SecondEntity

The last field is declared as an ASSOSIATION with many-to-many cardinality.

And what is really interesting: the import configuration editor allows to define field with that kind of ASSOSIATION.


M:N associations are supported by the addon. You can read more about how to use it in the README:

There is also an example in the demo app:

I hope this helps


Hi, thanks a lot. We’ve made it. But there’s another problem. We didn’t succseed with loading attributes of localdatetime type. Did the addon support this data type?