Data Grid Editor Breaks When Switching Main Tabs

I have data grid editing enabled on one of my edit screens. I’ve noticed that when switching tabs with the editor open causes the editor to close upon returning to my previous tab. The editor cannot be re-opened at this point and the create button on the grid also seems to stop working in this scenario.

I have to close and re-open the edit screen to recover from this issue. This is especially problematic because I have added an open action to a few of the fields in my data grid and opening these records can lead to this issue.

I wanted to try and hook into some sort of listener when the main tab changes to try and manually close the data grid editor myself before switching tabs but I cannot seem to find the right place to add such a listener. Any ideas or assistance is greatly appreciated.

Cuba Version: 6.10.7

Thank you,
Corey Amoruso


Thank you for reporting the problem, I’ve created a GitHub issue.



We are facing the same issue, that would be nice of CUBA team to provide a workaround (maybe along the lines of what tried @Corey.Amoruso), because users will stumble upon it for sure.

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Unfortunately, there is no workaround for now, so you can only wait for the issue above to be fixed.


@michael.renaud I’m not sure if this will work for your situation or not but we ended up using an editable table instead of an editable data grid. The table allows all rows to be editable instead of opening an editor one row at a time.

@Corey.Amoruso you’re probably right.

However we invested time in building a small framework to make generic master-detail screens based on datagrid, so changing that will cost time and will put a regression risk on several screens in our project.

However given the list of issues with datagrid we will likely spend that time at some point and come back to table (I just found another issue).