Data base update query issue on foreign key

Hi Team,

I am adding ASSOCIATION in my entity with Many-to-One relation to user entity and scripts are getting generated also but studio is giving error at the time of updating the database as shown below.

Failed to execute: alter table SAAS_FIELD_REPORT_ENTRY add constraint FK_SAAS_FIELD_REPORT_ENTRY_REPORT_CREATEDUSER foreign key (REPORT_CREATEDUSER_ID) references SEC_USER(ID);
because: Impossible d’ajouter des contraintes d’index externe

message is in french I guess… Dont know the meaning of this error message.
Translation : Can not add external index constraints

Need urgent help. @knstvk


Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the problem by your description.
Could you bring more datails?

  1. Which DBMS do you use? MySQL? Which version?
  2. Which DDL-script was the CREATEDUSER table created by?
  3. Could you describe the data model or prepare a sample project which could illustrate the issue?
  4. Any other which could help to investigate the problem?


Mysql version 5.6.17

Earlier it was working fine … recently I upgraded the studio from 6.8 to 6.9
I guess it is happening after the studio upgrade.


Still could not reproduce the problem.

Not sure this will affect anything, but try to enable impoved constraint and indexes naming in your project.
To do it: Open Help->Settings in Studio. Find there Studio Functionality settings.

Then re-generate and apply DB-scripts.