Dashboard Menu Name Translation

HI, everyone, i need help with a project
I’m from a spanish speaking country, and i need to translate my project to spanish, but when i try to do it for the addon DashBoard(P.S: Adding key=value in the messages.properties of the Main message Pack), the dashboard doesn’t response to the view and the group button:

actions.View=Ver -> Doesn’t work

And also i want to change the name that is shown in the menu and tab when is it open (Instead of DashBoard Browser, should be shown Navegador de Dashboards )

Hi @new06,

Which platform version are you using? 7.2.X?

Although it is possible to translate the platform and/or the addons directly in your project (copying the files to the correct folder structure) I prefer to use the translations project for that.

The problem is that maybe what you are trying to use has not been translated yet, and you’ll have additional work. For example: right now, there is no dashboard add-on translation to Spanish, and only translation for version 7.1.X of the platform (no version 7.2.X yet):

If you are willing to add this translation to the community translations project and don’t know how to start, I can help you with that, no problem (just send me a private message).

But if you only want to get your job done ASAP, you can copy existing English translation files to the correct folder location in your project, rename (messages_es.properties) and translate them to Spanish.

Dashboard global ‘en’ translation
Dashboard web ‘en’ translation



Thanks for the help, maybe when i have more time i could help you back with the spanish translation