Customize Screen UI at creation time in Studio

It would be nice to have the ability to have the option in Studio to set what type of base UI Element to use for each data filed to be added to the UI Template.

Currently you would either have to create a new UI template or modify each generated template to change how a UI component for a data field is shown. For example if I have Boolean data that I would like to show in the UI I might want one of these options.


Instead of going through and creating new templates or extending the screen to make the change it would be easier in studio to be able to select what UI element I would like for each bit of data to be shown.

I’m thinking when you create a new screen and select say the Entity Editor template there might be an advanced section where you see the fields to be show and the default UI elements for each. The default ui element could be changed to show that data in a different UI element. All we would need to do is create the base Field Snipet

I hope that makes sense