Customize main window is not working

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create a customize main window which will be displayed after login i.e. my landing page.
I followed the documentation and other reference and did the same thing what I found. Here is the steps i followed.
1. Create a screen(let’s say ext-mainwindow.xml) which is extending mainwindow.xml
2. Create a class ExtAppMainWindow which is extending AppMainWindow and did my stufff by overriding the ready method. This class is referred from ext-mainwindow.xml file
3. Registered my new xml file(ext-mainwindow.xml) in web-screen.xml file

But here the problem is when I am running the application, it is loading ext-mainwindow.xml file instead of login screen. My new screen should load after login.
I have no clue why this is happening. Am i missing something here ? Can anyone please help or suggest me what needs to be done here?


Could you please attach a small demo project that illustrates the problem? Did you try to extend mainWindow from Studio?

Hi Yuriy,

Thanks for your reply. I did a mistake in registering ext-mainwindow.xml file in web-screen.xml file by giving id as “loginWindow” instead of “mainWindow”. Now this is working fine.

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