Customize browse screen from related entities

Hi, when on an editing screen generated with cuba studio I have a field with a related entity, clicking on it shows the original screen created (browse) that contains the filter on the top, how can I make it not Is this filter shown ?, also if it is a group table could have a grouping different from the original? Only for screens called from fields with related entity. In short, you can customize this screen for different calls without having to create it by hand.
Greetings and thanks.


Yes you can have a different screen for lookup:

  • Select the reference entity and click “Create standard screens”

  • Clear Menu field to not add the screen to main menu

  • Unselect Create editor

  • In the browser’s Id field replace .browse suffix with .lookup

  • Create the screen and customize it as you want.

The standard LookupAction will use your .lookup screen instead of .browse, it is explained in the documentation.