Customize About Dialog

I wonder how to customize the about dialog.
As a first step, it would be sufficient to be able to customize the texts via some properties.
How could that be done?

By default the “About” window contains only one tab with credits. If you need just to modify credits of the project, you can create custom credits.xml - file and define it in the cuba.creditsConfig property. For more information see

For deeper modifications, the “About” window could be extended. To do this by the Studio means:

  1. Press the “New” button on the SCREENS tab of the Navigator panel
  2. Chose “Extend an existing screen from base projects”
  3. In the Parent screen field choose the “about-window.xml”
  4. Add a new Tab to the tabSheet, put a Label component on it and insert required text into the Value field.

Other screens from base projects can also be customized by the same way.


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I just tried it out and it works. Perfect answer which shows the power CUBA. Thank you!