Custom filter with custom pagination

I created a custom filter, and now I need to create a custom pagination.

What I Done:

1- I used the default rowsCount: OK

2- I created a BoxLayout on my screen to use as max results. The code was implemented like the code in FilterDelegateImpl.createMaxResultsLayout(): OK

3- I have override the search logic button: OK

The problem:

I want to use de default rowsCount to navigate between pages. But it don’t show the navigation buttons, because I cannot initialize the WebRowsCount.adapter.maxResults, like was developed in FilterDelegateImpl.initMaxResults().

I tried to create a new class TestWebRowsCount to extends WebRowsCount and create a component like developed in Pagination Controls - CUBA.Platform, but it throws a ClassCastException when I try to create the component TestWebRowsCount.

Does you have any idea?

Have you assigned maxResults attribute of your DataLoader? It should be enough for RowsCount to work properly.