Custom filter : max length or filter on input


what way to apply a filter (int, alpha …) and or size max on input custom filter use in browse view?
we use custom filter stored in database.

in editor we use ValueChangeEvent of textField to apply mask and size max.

in this case we not have same rules.

in database we someting like that for 1 field on search, i don’t know how to attach an event

( like :component$filterMR.xxx01562) OR like :component$filterMR.xxx01562)

  <param name="component$filterMR.xxx01562" javaClass="java.lang.String">NULL</param>


best reagards


At the moment Filter component doesn’t provide extension point to customize input fields for filter parameters.

It is possible to override Filter behavior, but you will need to override some Spring beans and dig into the platform code.