Custom Component: How to make it available offline?

I’m not sure if this is a good title.

Ok, this my problem:

I have a CUBA project A which I use as a custom component in another project B.
I did this by using the local Maven repository option built in CUBA, so i did not use Nexus or so.
Now when I copy the project B to another location (Let’s say to the customer) and run gradlew start it tries to download my project A from

How can I include project A to project B without the need of an online repository?
Can I copy it somewhere like a jar?

I’m using Studio 6.10.3


Set up a private Nexus repository as a proxy as described in the manual. It is the only reliable way to use everything offline from different machines for now.

You can also upload your own components there.

Ok, thanks.
I thought there may be some simple way like import/export jar.
Would be easy and good enough for me (at least for now).
Then I’ll have to dig into all that repository thing.

In fact, if it is your own component you can copy its ~/.m2/repository files after install. They can be moved to another PC.