Current logged on user in Polymer

Hi there.

I’m trying out a responsive front end using Polymer, and I’m still trying to make sense of the docs.

I want to display a table of data that belongs to the currently logged on user.

How do I retrieve the login details of the user, so I can pass them to a cuba-query to retrieve the data.

I tried using the cuba-user-info tag from here:

but that just displayed the user details. I guess what I need is to get those details out into a variable I can pass to the other component.

Hi, @ray1

I think that the following snippet will help you:

foo: function () {
    // "app" - is the instance of "cuba-app" component (userInfo) {
        // use userInfo later
        this.userInfo = userInfo;


Thanks, I was on the right lines then.

But what I was looking for was to set this up as a Polymer component call so that I could use the result somewhere else.

<cuba-user-info user-info="{{user}}">

<cuba-query id="assignment-data" params='{user: [[user.login]]}'
            entity-name="peer$Assignment" data="{{entities}}" view="_local" loading="{{dataLoading}}" limit="10" provide-count="true" count="{{entitiesCount}}">

Okay, I think I got it. This seems to do the trick:


    class CubaUserInfo extends Polymer.mixinBehaviors([CubaAppAwareBehavior], Polymer.Element)  {

        static  get is() { return 'cuba-user-info'}

        static get properties() {

            return {
                userInfo: {
                    type: Object,
                    notify: true,

        ready () {


   (userInfo) {
                this.userInfo = userInfo


    customElements.define(, CubaUserInfo)


Hope that helps someone else running into the same problem.

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