CurrencyField - usage for possible different currencies in the same entity-field

It seems to me that the currencyField has a static property to represent the currency. However, in my application what I am looking for is, I have two fields, one is for the amount and other one is to represent currency. Note that this currency is dynamic in nature i.e. it can be different currency per row of data. Therefore, I want this symbole is bind to the row data instead of a fixed currency symbol. Is it doable?

Hello @mortozakhan

No, you can specify a currency for each individual CurrencyField.

Could you provide your case?


See also HowTo Use EclipseLink features for implementing and using "UserTypes" - #4 от пользователя flybyray - CUBA.Platform

For now we have created the issue Advanced support for currency storage and editing · Issue #1365 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub

In the meantime you can change the currency symbol programmatically depending on the additional entity property. It is the simplest and easiest way to implement the described task.

Thanks Yuriy for those links. I think if we could have a component composed of two components (one for the amount and other one for the currency) that would serve the purpose very well.