CubaVerticalSplitPanel instantiate not available

Hi All,

currently I use cuba platform 6.7.10

I don’t know why but I’ve found that there is no CubaVerticalSplitPanel object when extending “CubaFoldersPane” , only CubaHorizontalSplitPanel object available instead.horizontalsplitonly

So I decide to create CubaVerticalSplitPanel implementation based on your CubaHorizontalSplitPanel, and thanks God it works


I put snippet code of CubaVerticalSplitPanel , just in case somebody need it in the future , (just put the code in web module alongside class that extended CubaFoldersPane, thanks) (1.2 KB)

Hi, @arifian.prahata

We use the com.vaadin.ui.VerticalSplitPanel component in CubaFoldersPane and in the vertically oriented SplitPanel component.


Ok My bad then, initially I cannot find CubaVerticalSplitPanel only CubaHorizontalSplitPanel instead,when extended cubafolderpanel

So I solved it by add class (attached in my original post)