CUBA support to MySQL


I’m trying to change the default Cuba DB to use MySQL. I did everything the CUBA Studio asked me to do. I’ve downloaded MySQL Connector/J, copied mysql-connector-java.jar into the lib folder, stopped Studio server and restarted the computer. But when I relaunch CUBA it does not connect to the Database.

Is there something more I have to do to use MySQL, like using an IDE?

I looked up in the forum but the last post about MySQL was from a year ago.


can you please attach the Studio log file? It is located in ~/.haulmont/studio/logs


Make sure the connector is also copied under Tomcat folder of your build directory.


Shady Hanna

I am also experiencing this problem. I have downloaded the MySql Connector file and copied it to the 2 locations requeste. Restarted the studio and my laptop several times and I am still getting the same message when I try change the DB to MySQL.

Any suggestions to resolve this ?