Cuba studio wrong connection string in deployment

When using Cuba studio to generate the database connection string for MSSQL 2012, it generates it in the following format: {jdbc}://{host}/{dbName}, this will result in a failure when connecting to a MSSQL server. The connection string should be as such: {jdbc}://{host};databaseName={dbName}.
That’s what happened when we added the connection details within the deployment section.

Which version of Studio do you use?
The issue is fixed since 6.5.2.
If you use a newer version but suffer the problem, please bring details: describe steps to reproduce and attach screenshots.

Thank you.

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Sorry about that, my colleague was using cuba studio version 6.5.0 when this issue happened.
I’ll tell him to update and we’ll let you know if the issue persisted.

Thank you.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: