Cuba Studio Reseller

Is it possible to become a reseller of Cuba Studio?

We are working on developing a product on the Cuba Platform and are taking advantage of the extensibility features. We want to give our customers the option to further extend our product without having to contract out services to us. Therefore they would need Cuba Studio to perform some of these operations.

Is it possible, when selling our product to a customer, that we could also bundle a certain number of licenses of Cuba Studio with it? For some of our customers it would be an annoyance to have to purchase something directly from Cuba as this could require additional PO’s and have you as a registered supplier. Which for some, this can be difficult.


Hi Craig,

What you describe is not a common case. However, we as we work with different resellers we could apply a similar way to your company, so you act as a distributor of the CUBA Studio.

Please, contact us via or the contact form on our website and we will arrange a call to understand your needs in details and find the best way to collaborate.



This idea wold also benefit our needs to.
We also want to be resellers of Cuba Studio in Norway.