CUBA Studio release 15 is out!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to inform you that we’ve just released the new version of the CUBA Studio - 15.0.
Release notes are available in the CUBA Studio User Guide.

You can download CUBA Studio 15.0 here or update the plugin right from your IntelliJ IDEA (2020.2 or later).

Notable changes include:

  • Support for environment variables as database connection parameters
  • Displaying all source files in the separate section of the CUBA project tree
  • Ability to put update scripts to per-month folders
  • ZipProject task added to the main menu
  • Unified Subscribe to Event and Install Delegate dialogs
  • Platform version migration UI improvement
  • Commercial add-ons installation improvements
  • Inspection reminding that add-on hasn’t been registered in web.xml files
  • Ability to edit ~/.gradle/ file in IDE
  • Ability to download compatible JDKs right in the JDK chooser field in the project wizard
  • Standalone IDE upgraded to IntelliJ Platform 2020.2
  • and other features, improvements and bug fixes

Beta users
We would like to thank all community members that have tried the BETA version. In order to return back to stable plugin version, do the following:

  • Open the IDEA Settings → Plugins dialog.
  • Uninstall CUBA plugin
  • Click to the :gear: icon and select Manage Plugin Repositories.
  • Remove “beta” repository from the list
  • Install CUBA plugin again, it will come from the stable plugins channel.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!


I’m using 2020.3 beta.

Is that why the Cuba plugin doesn’t show up in the list?

We haven’t yet published release compatible with IDEA 2020.3.

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Hi @AlexBudarov,

Do you have a plan when can we support 2020.3?


Yes, of course we plan it, just before or soon after release.

Sorry for not caring about early EAP adopters, but our priority are main stream users who upgrade to new version of IDEA after is has been released, not before.

Just for everyone to understand, CUBA plugin has big and complicated code base using lots of IntelliJ features, and for three times per year we spend significant efforts to adopt our code to quickly evolving IntelliJ API.
Supporting new IDEA release isn’t just changing few numbers in the build script.

I’m surprised some people expect us to adopt beforehand for unreleased product with unfinished API.

OK, I see, 2020.3’s been released on official site.
We will release compatible plugin in a few days, I will let know in this topic.

We recommend users to postpone updating their IDEA installation until compatible CUBA plugin version is released.

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Thanks Alex for the explanation!

Yes, there is already some users from China installed new version and found CUBA plugin not work.

I believe our strategy to support released IDEA product is correct and I’m not expecting early available support.

Will forward the same to China community.

Hi everyone,

The 15.1 Studio version has been released.
It contains:

  • Support for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3
  • Improvements for frontend model generator
  • Bug fixes

You may see the full list of changes here:

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