CUBA Studio release 14 is out!

Hi everyone,


We are happy to inform you that we’ve just released the new version of the CUBA Studio - 14.0.
Release notes are available in the CUBA Studio User Guide.

You can download CUBA Studio 14.0 here or update the plugin right from your IntelliJ IDEA (2019.3 or later).

Notable changes include:

  • Support for generating database migration scripts for additional data stores
  • Visual designer for design-time roles
  • Logging: displaying local log files, configuration customization
  • Improved UI for Integration Tests
  • Custom screen templates
  • Screen Wizard view editing improvement
  • Simplified Form creation in the Screen Designer
  • Support for custom UI components in the Screen Designer
  • Simplified switching main menu to the Single mode
  • “Add new attributes to existing screens” action became easier to access
  • Performance optimization
  • Infrastructure improvements for Chinese developers
  • Standalone IDE upgraded to IntelliJ Platform 2019.3
  • and other features, improvements and bug fixes

Beta users
We would like to thank all community members that have tried the BETA version. In order to return back to stable plugin version, do the following:

  • Open the IDEA Settings -> Plugins dialog.
  • Uninstall CUBA plugin
  • Click to the :gear: icon and select Manage Plugin Repositories.
  • Remove “beta” repository from the list
  • Install CUBA plugin again, it will come from the stable plugins channel.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!


Hello @AlexBudarov ,

is there already a release date of the plugin for IDEA 2020.2?



This week, if nothing goes wrong.

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Hi everyone,

The 14.0-202 plugin version compatible with the IDEA 2020.2 has been just uploaded to the plugins repository.

Enjoy CUBA development with the latest version of the IntelliJ IDEA and CUBA Studio!


Hi everyone,

Studio 14.3 has been released. It contains various bug fixes:,14.2,14.3&p=0&f=false

One of important fixes was a problem with loading JDBC drivers for custom database.

For users who need an implementation of a custom database, note that there exists a recently updated example of integrating with the Firebird DBMS:

You can use this example as a reference on how to implement classes and scripts necessary for integration with the CUBA framework and CUBA Studio.