CUBA Studio don't open UI Designer


I also noticed this problem on CUBA 13.1-191.
The controller and screen designer were opened, then I switch to tabs with a different code, try to go back to the screen designer window in the open tab, but I see a “black square”.
I can’t find a way to reproduce this problem yet.
The way that helps me is to close the tab with the controller of this screen in IDEA, close the problematic tab with the designer, and open them again.

Hi Hui chen xi,
Looks like you are using an obsolete version of the CUBA Studio plugin.
Latest released version is 13.1.
If problem persists on newest version, then we would need additional information about your environment to try to reproduce the problem.
It is your OS, IDE version (IntelliJ IDEA or CUBA Studio version), and IDE log file idea.log (Help -> Show Log in File Manager).