Cuba server does not start

Hi, I’m Thomas.
I installed Cuba Studio 6.7 today and JDK Version 9.0.x.
As written in the installation manaul I started studio servers from my desktop button.
The first time trying to start (with port 8111) I got an java-script error (sorry, no screenshot);
then I tried to start with port 1521 to connect to my local Oracle DB 11g.
No I got the error “… could not start server”, then tried with some other paramters (e.g. remote connection)
and got the same error.
But now starting the Cuba from desktop, nothing happens except a short pop-up of any kind
of window I cannot realize.
Could you please help me to start the application, please.
Thanks for a quick feedback,

CUBA Studio requires Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8.
I don’t think that CUBA Studio is ready for running on JDK 9 yet.
Try installing JDK 8 and run CUBA Studio again.

Hi Kjeli, thanks for this info, now it works :slight_smile: