CUBA Scheduled Tasks not running

I’ve created a scheduled task under Administration -> Scheduled Tasks and then activate it, but task isn’t running at all, also nothing showing up in “execution history”

Application is running under cuba 6.5.5 platform version

Please see screenshot of scheduled task parameters.

Am I missing something?

Screenshot 2017-07-01 18.41.32

sorry, found the issue now:

I was looking on documetation here:

but found the missing part here:

If you did not set up the scheduled tasks execution for this project before, nothing will happen on this stage - the task will not be executed until you start the whole scheduling mechanism.
Open the modules/core/src/ file and add the following property:
cuba.schedulingActive = true
Restart the application server. The scheduling mechanism is now active and invokes the email queue processing.

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You could also set this property in Administration > Application Properties screen and would take effect without server restart.