Cuba reverts the logo back to cuba platform logo

Hi, I have now replaced the logos over 10 times in the file studio-projects\CloudUtility\build\tomcat\webapps\NCP\VAADIN\themes\halo\branding and cuba seems to rever to the cuba platform logos. I am not sure how they seem to get back into the folder although they return on every occasion. I have replaced the icon and the main logos in the branding file location with new ones although they are the same file name?.



Please do not replace files in your local tomcat instance, because when Studio redeploys application it removes old content from a tomcat. Instead of replacing content in a tomcat you can replace it in your project source code.

In case of branding images you need to create theme extension first, you can do it using Studio - Project properties - Create theme extension. Then you can replace images in modules/web/themes/halo/branding.