Cuba Reports Column Header

Hi All,
How to make Report column labels repeat each page ?
I tried to set in excel template page setup-> sheet -> cell to repeat on each page, but the output file both pdf and excel format printing labels only in first page.

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I am Venu’s colleague. I analyzed the xlsx file template and I noticed the repeating headers which is defined in the template, are specified in a “definedName” called “_xlnm.Print_Titles” in the XML.

This defined name “_xlnm.Print_Titles” is not copied from the template into the result or output XLSX file, and so the xlsx file when converted to PDF, does not repeat the headers on each page.

I have prototyped some code to copy this definedName over and I need to update the Xlsxformatter class. How can I change the YARG library used by the Cuba Reporting add-on to use my customiized Xlsxformatter class ?