CUBA Report first-time print on PDF failed - Windows based


I’m using CUBA version 7.2.20 on a Windows-based system with Windows LibreOffice. After startup, I’ve encountered an issue where CUBA consistently fails to generate reports from Excel to PDF. It does, however, print Excel files without any problems.

This issue only occurs when the setting reporting.useBackgroundReportProcessing = true is enabled. Interestingly, the report generation works correctly on the second attempt.

Is this a known bug in CUBA?

Thank you for your assistance.

2024-06-06 18:50:08.048 INFO  [BackgroundTask-0-SUPER01/core/SUPER01] com.haulmont.reports.libintegration.CubaReporting - Report is canceled by user request.

2024-06-06 18:50:08.048 DEBUG [BackgroundTask-0-SUPER01/core/SUPER01] - End execution context: group=Reporting, key=84e531a9-d21b-4674-7467-ac25cac7a8f6
2024-06-06 18:50:08.656 INFO  [OfficeIntegration-0/core/SUPER01] com.haulmont.yarg.formatters.impl.doc.connector.OOServer - OOServer is killing office instance with port 8100
2024-06-06 18:50:09.141 INFO  [OfficeIntegration-0/core/SUPER01] com.haulmont.yarg.formatters.impl.doc.connector.WinProcessManager - Windows office process manager is going to kill following processes [9840]
2024-06-06 18:50:09.297 WARN  [OfficeIntegration-0/core/SUPER01] com.haulmont.yarg.formatters.impl.doc.connector.OOServer - could not delete profileDir: Unable to delete file: D:\tomcat-einv\tomcat_base\work\app_home\ei-mw1-core\temp\reporting\.server_localhost_8100\user\extensions\bundled\extensions.pmap; renamed it to D:\tomcat-einv\tomcat_base\work\app_home\ei-mw1-core\temp\reporting\.server_localhost_8100.old.1717671009297