Cuba project with ReactJs frontend

Hello Team,
I want create a new Cuba project with module react frontend.
I already downloaded Petclinic with React example.
I understand that all customization of react pages are manually.
I will know if I can create a ReacJs project with external designer tool (such as ReacStudio or other) and then import this ReactJs project (or single page) in Cuba as front end page.
Is there anyone who has done this job?
Thank for help

Hello @infonuvola2015

You can add a frontend module using Studio, see Studio manual for details.

Also you might be interested in React frontend documentation.

Hello Pushkin,
thanks for the answere.
I have read the documentation, it is ok.
I want to know if there is a way to speed up the design of front end pages with a visual drag and drop tool designer such as reactstudio or others.
If I design pages with external tool Can I import page in cuba studio?
Is there in Cuba a graphics designer for react front-end pages?