Cuba - Polymer - Bootstrap

hi everyone,
can anybody tell me how to integrate bootstrap in polymer of cuba, I don´t get to working it!!!. . . I have made the follow;

  1. I create the folder CSS where I put css of Bootstrap;


  1. I import the css in the web component “ basicopolymer-home”;


I don´t know why but it´s not working, please, somebody could help me, may be I miss or I am doing something wrong!!!
thanks a lot!!!

Ok, I already know how to do it, . . . if someboy want to use bootstrap in the polymer client module, have to do the folow,

  1. Include the dependecy of bootstrap in the file bower.json.



  1. After that clean and restart the app from cuba studio.

  2. When it´s finished it Will be created a new web component into the folder “bower_components” .


  1. To use bootstrap in your web componet, just import the web component created before “polymer-bootstrap” and include in style tag of your web component.

With all of this bootstrats is ready to use, I´ve made several concepts testing and it seem to work really well!!!

If Someone have to say something about it, please, don´t keep in silence!!

thanks a lot!!!