CUBA Platform version 7.2 BETA

Hi CUBA Community,

We have published the 7.2 BETA version of the framework and most used add-ons (rest, reports, charts, fts, bpm). The most notable improvements are listed below.

  • Kotlin is supported as a first class application programming language.

  • Security is now in “denying by default” mode instead of the previous “allowing by default”. It means that if you don’t give an allowing permission to a subject, it won’t be available to the user. Also, now you can define roles, permissions, access groups and constraints in the application code using annotated Java classes.

  • Deployment is simplified due to the ability to specify database connections in application properties, standardized approach to application home and logging configuration, support for Spring environment profiles.

  • In Generic UI, the framework now provides collapsible side menu on the main screen, support for the new login screen, inline view definitions in screen descriptors, simplified configuration of standard actions, flexible positioning in Form, and a lot of other improvements.

Please see the full list of major changes in Release Notes. The Developer’s Manual has been mostly updated, but we are still working on it.

The platform 7.2.0.BETA artifacts are available in both and repositories. Please use the latest CUBA Studio 13 BETA3 for the correct migration of existing projects. It is available on the separate plugins channel of the JetBrains plugins repository, you need to do the following to install it:

  • Open the IDEA Settings → Plugins dialog.
  • Click to the :gear: icon and select Manage Plugin Repositories.
  • Click “+” (“Add”) and enter the following in the Repository URL field:
  • Switch to the Marketplace tab. You should immediately see that CUBA plugin requests for update to 13.0.BETA version.
  • Click Update.

In order to find CUBA 7.2.0.BETA in the repositories, select the Show unstable versions checkbox in the project creation wizard or the project properties window.

If your project uses REST API add-on, update its version to 7.2.0.BETA1 in build.gradle manually:

dependencies {

We are now testing and documenting the new framework and add-ons, and we will greatly appreciate if you test your project with the beta version and let us know about any issues.

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @knstvk

So great ! We have here longly awaited features (at least for me) like Calendar, collapsible side menu out-of-the-box, security by annotations, HikariCP, auto-login on remember me, view entity in read-only mode, etc.

Small damper is that if you want to use Folders Pane you still have to revert to Top Menu. It could be interesting to have Folders Pane collapsible on the right part of application. Or implemented optionnaly as a menu in main menu, simply.

Standard dialogs could use some love too. Like displaying out of-the-box an icon on the left part of the message (:information_source:, :warning: come to mind, also error and question mark), centered components and auto sizing instead of fixed size, colored caption bar.

Letting out a few details, the platform is getting more and more solid and feature-rich, that’s impressive.


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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the feedback - it’s very important for us to know that people actually use and appreciate new features that we have introduced!

And thanks for the suggestions, they make perfect sense and we’ll take it in mind when planning further improvements.



I’m not sure if it’s related with the new version, but I’m in throwable with hot deploy:

Hot deploy compilation errors:
/.../core/beans/ error: cannot find symbol

/.../core/beans/ error: cannot find symbol

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi! Could you turn on hot deploy debug logs and attach your logs after reproducing the issue?

  1. Help -> Debug Log Settings -> Add line -> OK.
  2. Reproduce the problem.
  3. Attach logs from Help -> Show logs in ....

Greetings to all, when they have estimated the release of the version ?. I see interesting new features to add to my projects

Next week we are going to publish BETA 2 which will have some fixes and reworked security. I hope it will be the last beta and after a couple of weeks we’ll be able to make the final release.



Hi everyone,

CUBA 7.2 BETA2 has been released! It contains significant changes in the security roles. See Legacy Roles and Permissions if you are migrating from a previous version.

Please use the latest Studio 13 BETA3 for migrating projects.



Hey there!

From the content of this post a few days ago, it looks like Studio 13 and Cuba 7.2 is close to being released:

When do you guys think the plugin will be available for download and when will Cuba 7.2 final release be available?

Soon :slight_smile:

now it uses gradle 5.6.4 by default? can i continue using 4.3.1, or something related to 5th version of gradle has changed in the platform?

You can try, but most probably the build will fail. BTW, what is the reason to stay on 4.3?

no reason, just some infrastructure issues with our close network, where i should prepare gradle download paths.

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