Cuba-Platform seems more productive when compared to Low-Code solutions

The buzz word nowadays is “Low-Code”.
Although Cuba-Platform is not termed as ‘Low-Code’, It is still as productive or even more productive at the end of the day (especially for more complex projects). Just my opinion.
I have evaluated several popular low-code solutions in recent times and have learnt not to be caught up with terms.

IMHO Low-Code is more beneficial for non-techies than for techies because sometimes Low-Code is stripped of some of it’s ‘low-level’ power and a developer may find themselves spending more time filling in the ‘power-gaps’ that Low-Code comes with. So a product like Cuba-platform IMHO brings an excellent balance.

The more I use Cuba-Platform and since I got over its learning curve months ago, I find myself more productive than the Low-Code platform and RAD tools I am coming from. I have been using Cuba-Platform now for over 2yrs and am still impressed.

What says you ?


i must say “you are right!”,especially the "excellent balance " you mentioned. :fist_right:

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I’ve been using Cuba now for over 2 years on 2 actual project and a number of prototypes.

I did an initial comparison of ~10 products/framework in different technologies (even if java is my home ground) and defined a number of drivers to support decision making. (price, openness, lock-in, tooling, …)

Cuba came out on top by far. 2,5 years later I can still stand by that decision. I have worked on many projects in the past and have implemented certain functionality over and over again (tables, filtering, security, …)

I think indeed the greatest power is indeed in the balance. You can see that the developers had a good look at why other products failed delivering this and provide smart hooks.The combination of scaffolding, built-in tools and smart defaults allow me to develop at a rate much higher than anything else I ever used. Combine that with the licensing fee and I can say the investment is paid back in a matter of days/weeks.

Is it the right choice for every project? No, but that is the case with any technology. I work on a bunch of other projects as well and it would simply not match. But when it works, it works really good.


Thank you guys!
This is very encouraging to hear for all of us at CUBA/Jmix team!