Cuba Platform for non enterprise projects

Can I use Cuba Platform for non enterprise projects? For example create social networks or internet stores, with design and frontend not based on Vaadin, and make sites like aliexpress etc.

Hi @maihanov96,

In short, yes you can to some extent :slight_smile:. CUBA provides Generic REST API along with the ability to create your own custom APIs as any Spring application. You can find more information about custom frontends in the documentation here.

Digging a bit deeper, it is important to understand how and where you benefit from a certain technology. CUBA is a great framework for creating business applications faster than using the traditional stack like Spring Boot and React or Vue and so on. That high productivity can be achieved by the following factors:

  1. Seamless integration of the underlying frameworks - which is more true for the Generic UI and less for custom frontends
  2. Runtime features like data access control and permissions management, data audit, clusterization and so on
  3. Framework aware tooling

In your case, you’ll be able to benefit from a very few features of the framework, as your application has a requirement to be very unique when CUBA brings the most profit for typical business (backoffice) applications like ECM, ERP, BPMS, and others.


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Thx a lot, we making Enterprise project , but in front side we have design in psd, and think how made it using Cuba Platform. Thx

Normally we recommend to develop only public facing portals using custom frontends and the rest keep in the Generic (backoffice) UI. This will save a lot of time.