Cuba Platform and mobile-first/PWA development


Sorry if this is off-topic. I’m currently evaluating Cuba (vs Vaading vs ZK) for a fairly large project involving (at least) 5 different user roles with different requirements and application perspecitves - most importantly at least one of them will access the portal to be developed mobile-first (even mobile only). I’d like to use a RAD for the project and would definately try to avoid making a separate mobile application, but I’m concerned about the support for small (mobile) screens, and from the documentation it seems like ZK is most mature in this area - but I might be wrong. Cuba looks a lot more “rapid” than both the other two, if it had the same mobile-first/PWA capabilities it would be a no-brainer.

Any comments as to Cuba’s mobile-first capabilities and “ease” of development in this area would be much appreicated.



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Hi Thomas,

CUBA has the Polymer UI which is adaptive and aimed to be used on mobile devices. Also you may be interested in upcoming webinar about using Cordova with Polymer UI.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for this. I’ve seen the Polymer UI approach being discussed, but as far as I understand this uses REST as back-end and is then pretty much the same as any “traditional” technology with a HTML5/CSS/JS front-end and REST back-end. You will then end up having to develop and support a different application for mobile than you do for other screen resolutions (where you use Cuba elements and the RAD approach). I dont think this is a viable approach - one codebase should be used serve all screen sizes and resolutions (responsive and/or PWA).